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"Aurora" is about Aurora who is 8 years old and seriously ill. It is a story about life, death and the fantasy of life after death. We follow Aurora into the realm of the dead Borealis where she is enlisted by the Light Army, and we feel Aurora's family and friends who will live on without her.


"Aurora" is a newly written musical with original script and music, written especially for Teaterklubb '81's large young ensemble.

The script is written by Lost and Found productions in collaboration with Per Magnus Barlaug.

The music is written by Lost and Found productions with contributions from Georg Buljo, Magnus Børmark and Kristoffer Lo.

The performance will have its world premiere in December 2022.

The script is written with support from Dramatikkens Hus, and Nordland County Municipality has supported the work with the music. It is Teaterklubb '81 that produces the performance. 

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