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8485 Theater


About 8485 Theater

From March 2018 to August 2029, we conducted  preliminary project 8485 Theater. The pilot project was led by Lost and Found productions in collaboration with Katrine Strøm (Katma) .   

In the preliminary project 8485 Teater, which is named after the postal code of Dverberg, investigated  we the opportunity to establish a professional theater house on Dverberg, and  the architect 's office TIND in Svolvær prepared sketches for our dream theater.


The pilot project consisted of study trips and meetings with performing artists throughout Norway, and in the Netherlands and Belgium.  

Also on the team were Jonni Solsvik, Svein Spjelkavik, Odd Roger Enoksen, Turid Skoglund and Geir-Ove Andersen who made up our steering group.  

When we finished the preliminary project in August 2019, we decided to let the idea of a theater house on Dverberg mature further. In the meantime, Lost and Found productions will continue to create and show performing arts with Dverberg as the main base, and with Teaterklubb '81 as an important partner. 

The work with 8485 Theater was supported by the Norwegian Cultural Tour Council and Samskap. 

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