Lost and Found Productions



Love and the Ocean

june 2019, Harstad (Festspillene i Nord-Norge)

september 2019, Nordland (DKS-tunré)

october 2019, Bergen (Meteor)

Robin Hood

august 2018, Andøy (collaboration with TK'81)

august 2019, Andøy (collaboration with TK'81)

Oh Baby Baby 

may 2018, Andøy 


Rebel Angels, game over
November 2017, Oslo (showbox) and Andøy

Usynlig Selskap
july 2017, Bø in Vesterålen (Reginedagan)

june 2017, Harstad (Festspillene i Nord-Norge)

Rebel Angels, next level
october 2016, Fredrikstad (St.Croix)

Opening of Festspillene i Nord-Norge
june 2016, Harstad

Different Kinds of Stars

may 2018, Stamsund (Stamsund International Theater festival) 
february 2018, Andenes (Nordlyst) 

march 2017, Oslo (Oslo International Theater festival, Black Box)
march 2017, Fredrikstad (St.Croix)
october 2016, Bergen (oktoberdans, BIT) 
october 2016, Oslo (Grusomhetens Teater)
march 2016, Fredrikstad (NTA)

Rebel Angels
july 2015, Sortland/Andøy




Wrote and directed Robin Hood, produced in collaboration with Teaterklubb'81


Directed Annie for Teaterklubb´81 Andøy


Co-directed the opening ceremony of the Arctic Arts festival 

Lost and Found productions is a theater company based in Norway, founded and run by Nikoline Spjelkavik and Victoria Røising.


We are making original work in the independent field, where we mix and match forms and disciplines to always create different performances.


We see the performances as outbursts of Glitterism- our own philosophy of the broken mirror - which could become a disco ball.

During our studies at Norwegian Theater Academy, where both of us were in the acting program, we started working together. Our common interest in music created a starting point for us to explore and experiment with the relations between theater and music.

As music became such an important component of our work, Lost and Found productions is also a record label where we publish music by our band (pretending to be a band) Different Kinds of Stars.

Love and the Ocean
is touring in collaboration with Nordland Visual Theater and Den Kulturelle skolesekken 
in september.
Open performances here:
18/9: Bodø,
22/9: Hamarøy, Hamsunsenteret
29/9: Dverberg, Samfunnshuet