Lost and Found productions is a theater company based on Andøya in Northern Norway. The company was founded by Nikoline J. Spjelkavik and Victoria F. S. Røising in 2016. 

Lost and Found productions is working interdisciplinary with a specific emphasis on exploring audiovisual theater. Our aim is to make experimental theater more inviting for a broader audience, where music often plays a key role to make the performances more accessible to the public.

Working with Teaterklubb’81, a group of over a hundred young actors and technicians, has become an important part of our artistic work. This is both a strong connection the local society, and the future generation of theater makers.

The duo studied together at Norwegian Theatre Academy 2013-2016. 


Ja, Virginia (en del av Ellinors julefortelling)

december 2020, Andøy (collaboration with TK'81)

Oh Baby Baby goes viral

october 2020, Oslo (digital DKS-turné)

Usynlig Selskap, vandrende radioteater

august 2020, Andøy (collaboration with TK'81)

uly 2020, Bø i Vesterålen (Reginedagan)


june 2020, Harstad (Festspillene i Nord-Norge)

Oliver Twist

december 2019, Andøy (collaboration with TK'81)

Love and the Ocean

october 2019, Bergen (Meteor)

september 2019, Nordland (DKS-tunré)

june 2019, Harstad (Festspillene i Nord-Norge)

Robin Hood

august 2018, Andøy (collaboration with TK'81)

august 2019, Andøy (collaboration with TK'81)

Oh Baby Baby 

october 2020, Oslo (Biblo Tøyen)

february 2020, Nordland (DKS-turné)

january 2020, Troms (DKS-turné)

january 2020, Oslo (Ila Skole)

may 2018, Andøy 


Rebel Angels, game over
November 2017, Oslo (Showbox) and Andøy

Usynlig Selskap
july 2017, Bø i Vesterålen (Reginedagan)j

june 2017, Harstad (Festspillene i Nord-Norge)

Rebel Angels, next level
october 2016, Fredrikstad (St.Croix)

Opening of Festspillene i Nord-Norge
june 2016, Harstad

Different Kinds of Stars

july 2020, Oslo (Salt)

february 2019, Fredrikstad (St.Croix)

february 2019, Oslo (Kulturhuset)

may 2018, Stamsund (Stamsund International Theater festival) 
february 2018, Andenes (Nordlyst) 

march 2017, Oslo (Oslo International Theater festival, Black Box)
march 2017, Fredrikstad (St.Croix)
october 2016, Bergen (oktoberdans, BIT) 
october 2016, Oslo (Grusomhetens Teater)
march 2016, Fredrikstad (NTA)

Rebel Angels
july 2015, Sortland/Andøy



Directed Annie for Teaterklubb´81 Andøy


Co-directed the opening ceremony of the Arctic Arts festival