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Lost and Found productions is a theater company based on Andøya in Northern Norway. The company was founded by Nikoline J. Spjelkavik and Victoria F. S. Røising in 2016 after our education at the Norwegian Theater Academy. 

Lost and Found productions is working interdisciplinary with a specific emphasis on exploring audiovisual theater. We create original, independent performances, which are usually presented at programming scenes and theater festivals. Our aim is to make experimental theater more inviting for a broader audience, where music often plays a key role to make the performances more accessible to the public.

We started working together during our education, and premiered our first performance in 2015. Our productions range from short film, black metal, sexsual education to sound meditation, as we often long to work in new ways. 


Working with Teaterklubb’81, a group of over a hundred young actors and technicians, has become an important part of our artistic work. This is both a strong connection the local society, and the future generation of theater makers.

Since the beginning of the 80s, Teaterklubb’81 has created and presented performances every christmas. The last year there has also been one production during the summer. Svein Spjelkavik, Anne Kari Spjelkavik and Katrine Strøm, has been key figures running the theater with almost 100 active members throughout the years. 

The last years, Lost and Found productions, has been involved in the work with Teaterklubb’81, and created several productions with the group.


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