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Witch Club Satan



27/10         Høstsabbat                   OSLO

19/11         Baltic Circle                  HELSINKI

23/11         Kulturhuset                   STOCKHOLM

25/11         BIT, Studio Bergen       BERGEN

BLOODMOTHER is supported by Figurteatret i Nordland, Kulturdirektoratet, Dramatikkens Hus og Nordisk Kulturkontakt

Witch Club Satan is a feminist, occult black metal performance in four acts – a musical dramatic ritual with unknown consequences. Witch Club Satan is a primal scream and artistic extremism. 


In this performance, Victoria Røising (bass), Johanna Holt Kleive (drums) and Nikoline Spjelkavik (guitar) cultivate the theatricality of infamous norwegian black metal, and draw the traditional expression in a divine feminine direction. 


«(...) Our highlight is genuinely terrifying Witch Club Satan - an  all-female black metal outfit with an NSFW approach to nudity, blood, noise and blasphemy»


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